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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Higher Level

The thing I hate about being a higher level is that I get a ton of friend requests from newbies to Wizard101 hoping that I will help them on their harder quests.The only time I will do that is if I'm about to go in to a really hard dungeon.(I'm talking Sunken City hard).

Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 14th

Today I downloaded Wizard101 on my grandpa's computer cause I was there half the day.Here's a tip, don't ever download it on another computer cause it takes a long time to load the whole spiral so you can't go a lot of places.It was even harder for me cause most of my quests are in Krokotopia

July 13th

today i got some new software and made a LiveStream account thanks to a fellow twizard who tweeted about the site then went live.Still gotta figure out the software though

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


July 5th

Today was just like usual,join a group follow the group around fight bosses and stuff.So I wandered around with my group,we met up in Triton Avenue, fought a few Rotting Fodders and Banshees,wandered into Haunted Cave,and whenever someone got caught in a battle we would join in to the point were we couldn't summon minions because there was no room


Hey wizards it's me Luke this blog will keep you up to date on my Wizard101 adventures hope you like it.